About PayStay

PayStay is an easy to use pay-by-phone parking system that allows you to pay for your parking using smartphones and standard mobile phones. The PayStay system is suitable for individual users as well as corporate users and fleet managers.

To use PayStay, follow these 3 steps:

1. Register

Registration is a one-off and quick and easy process, so sign up now.

2. Park

Parking locations covered by PayStay are clearly identified by signage that identifies the zone you are parked in.

3. Pay

After parking, record the start and end times of your parking sessions using one of the following methods:

  • PayStay app (Android or iOS)
  • phone our Customer Support Centre on DCA
  • SMS
  • PayStay website

Benefits of using PayStay

  • No need for cash
  • No more ticket machines and pay-and-display tickets
  • No more overpayments - you are only charged for the time you record
  • Text reminder warning of parking expiry